Gift Items

Gracie Lane’s shops are the crème de la crème of what many stores strive to be. The selection of gift and specialty items extends far past the pat and predictable. Visit us for teacher gifts, treats for special friends, love and laugh offerings for those struggling with illness or hurting hearts and so many more occasions that fall outside the traditional. From specialty soups to subtle scents, to bold and bawdy personal statements to fun and functional kitchen couture, there is something to satisfy the many needs, senses of humor and life truths that define our friendships and bonds.

Dare we say we spotted a Man Card amongst our offerings? It’s true, and so testosterone-ishly funny! Of course, if he’s the kind of dude that wants to keep it quite he lost his Man Card, this one double as a bottle opener. Whether you need a stocking stuffer or a milestone birthday gift, our selection is sure to satisfy.

Gracie Lane, LTD 2013